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Conquering Challenges: Aco Drain Installation in a Warehouse Transformation

This week at Attgills Drainage Services, we embarked on an exciting yet challenging project: installing ACO drains in a warehouse slated to become a food production line. This transition necessitated a sophisticated drainage solution, highlighting our team's adaptability and expertise. Here's how we tackled the hurdles and delivered a successful installation under complex conditions.

Aco Drain Installation by Attgills Drainage Services

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The Need for a Specialised Drainage System 

The transformation of a warehouse into a food production line requires a careful consideration of hygiene and efficiency. ACO drains, known for their high performance and compliance with hygiene standards, were the ideal choice. Their design ensures efficient water management and prevents the accumulation of food waste and bacteria, crucial in a food production environment. 

Overcoming Distance Limitations with a Pump Solution 

One significant challenge was the main drain's inaccessibility due to the distance from the installation site. Traditional gravity-based drainage solutions were not feasible, prompting us to think outside the box. Our solution: installing a pump system. This innovative approach allowed us to overcome the distance barrier, ensuring efficient water removal from the production area to the main drainage system. 

Navigating Through Reinforced Concrete

The warehouse's existing structure, particularly its reinforced concrete floor, posed another challenge. Cutting through this material to install drainage is no small feat, requiring precision and the right tools. Despite these difficulties, our team's determination and expertise shone through. We meticulously navigated through the reinforced concrete, ensuring the integrity of the structure while making way for the new drainage system. 

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The Final Touches 

After overcoming these obstacles, the installation of the ACO drains and pump system was completed successfully. This achievement not only demonstrates our team's technical skills but also our commitment to finding solutions in the face of adversity. The new drainage system is now a key component of the warehouse's transformation, laying the foundation for a hygienic and efficient food production line. 

Dog Septic Tank | Northamptonshire | Attgills Drainage Services


This project was a testament to the complexity and necessity of proper drainage solutions in industrial transformations. At Attgills Drainage Services, we pride ourselves on our ability to tackle challenges head-on, delivering bespoke solutions that meet our clients' unique needs. 

Whether it's dealing with distance limitations or cutting through reinforced concrete, our team is ready to rise to the occasion, ensuring that every project we undertake is a step towards

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